About Me

I am an iOS developer interested in early stage companies where I can make a big impact on the product. I enjoy working on teams with a strong engineering culture and building products I believe in and actually use.

I’m currently at AnyPerk, where I’m heading iOS and Android development, with my main focus on creating delightful e-commerce experiences for our customers. Recently, I integrated Realm into our iOS app in order to lower response times for users. I also started converting the entire app from Objective-C to Swift.

Previously, I was the Lead Engineer on the iOS team and a frequent contributor on the Rails backend at The Hunt, which was in the top 100 and featured multiple times in the Lifestyle category on the App Store. In addition to building out API endpoints for the iOS app to consume, I rewrote components to support thousands of concurrent users as the app grew from zero users to 10,000 DAU, while keeping our crash-free user rate over 99.5%.

At both AnyPerk and The Hunt I was able to make an immediate impact on the engineering process:

At AnyPerk, I realized that we weren’t running continuous integration despite having the necessary hardware, so I reconfigured the machine and added a GitHub hook to run tests with every code change. The result was more complete test coverage and greater confidence in our code, enabling us to iterate faster.

While I was at The Hunt, I developed a tool for uploading iOS builds to make acceptance testing faster. Initially, it was a side project built for my own convenience, but other engineers as well as the product team found it so much more efficient than TestFlight, that we adopted it as part of our process.

In the future, I hope to use my experience and strong engineering values to build more great iOS apps.