After the trouble I had last year with installing Ruby and Ruby on Rails, I stopped trying to use Ruby on Rails. Honestly, I had better things to do (like focus on school work) than to spend hours figuring out how to make Ruby + Rails work. Summer came around again and I’ve decided to give it another shot. Digging in to the problems I encountered last year, I found that it’s not any easier.

I was finally able to install a newer version of Ruby on my Mac (1.9.3 to be precise) after scouring the internet for the various odd errors I was getting. I started by trying to install Ruby manually, and then switched to RVM with promises of ease, but I still ran in to problems. All in all, I ran in to three major road blocks: installing readline, installing libxml2, and installing libxslt-1, all of which are conveniently not mentioned anywhere on the Ruby or the RVM site.