Finally managed to get Ruby on Rails working on my machine. I’m fairly excited, because it took me several days to get it working. Originally, I planned on using Windows, because it was there, it worked, and it’s what I normally use. I first figured out that Windows wasn’t going to work when I started running into problems with the rake command. I searched around and discovered that apparently, it wasn’t too easy to use Windows.

I switched to Ubuntu, hoping it would be easier to install and use Ruby on Rails. It wasn’t. I have some experience developing on UNIX systems, but apparently it wasn’t enough to prepare me for the flurry of problems I would encounter trying to get Rails up and running. On Ubuntu, I ran into a roadblock even quicker than on Windows – I couldn’t even get the rubygems installer to work! Finally, after a lot of fooling around looking for solutions, I decided it would be better so start from scratch. So, I reinstalled Ubuntu. Finally, after again running into my last problem with gem install throwing errors, I figured out that I forgot to install the zlib1g and the zlib1g-dev packages. Great.

Now, for some reason, my rails console command doesn’t work because ruby can’t find the file readline.rb. Wonderful. Did some more research online, found out I’m missing even more packages: libncurses5-dev and libreadline5-dev. Installed these after some fooling around with other “fixes” trying to get rails console running. More to come, seeing if I can finish the Getting Started tutorial without any more glitches.

Does it really have to be this difficult to get something like this running?